Go out to our waters and catch a large grayling or trout. To qualify for a pin, the grayling must be at least 55cm/22.7in and the trout 75cm/29.5in. Do not forget to photograph the fish, preferably on the side in the water to spare our fish.


Report the fish here on, complete with length and photo. You must create an account if you do not already have one to be able to report catches.

Postal address

Log in and update your profile with complete postal address. If you forget this, you will not get a pin sent to your home either. We also do not hand out pins afterwards, everything must be ready on September 20th.

About our pins

Guldharr         Silveröring         Guldöring has three different pins that we send out to the guests who catch big fish. Golden grayling is awarded for grayling that are 55 cm or longer. Silver trout applies to fish of 75-79 cm and Gold trout is awarded for trout that are at least 80 cm.

To get a pin, you must report your fish with a picture before September 20th. You must also update your account with a valid mailing address. If the requirements are not met, there will also be no pin. The rules are strict but fair, no exceptions are made.

With the report and address in place, one or more pins will arrive in your mailbox at the turn of the month September-October. covers all costs so you just need to sit back and take it easy.

If you have reported fish in previous years where you did not enter an address or picture, you have the chance to get pins anyway. Update afterwards with missing information and you will be approved. These fish are not visible on this page but they will get your pins by mail and you will appear in the statistics when your pins are sent.

Lars Thosen med 77 cm öring
Lars Thorsen with a beautiful Silver trout of 77 cm caught on Järnforsen

Pins 2022 (And late reports from 2021)

Gold trout
   2022-08-03 - Henrik Burman - 82 cm / Blekselforsen   View
   2022-08-01 - Michal Fejkiel - 82 cm / Ovan Järnforsen   View
   2021-09-11 - Marcus Rönnqvist - 81 cm / Övreforsen   View
   2022-07-19 - Peter Andersson - 80 cm / Holmarna   View

Silver trout
   Mikael Nilsson - 78 cm / Blekselforsen   View
   Tobias Lundgren - 78 cm / Ovan Järnforsen   View
   Peter Andersson - 77 cm / Ottosmoraselet   View
   Christer Örnberg - 76 cm / Djupselforsen   View
   Henrik Burman - 76 cm / Börtingsten   View
   Mikael Lindström - 76 cm / Ovan Järnforsen   View

Gold grayling
   Heikki Kurtti - 59 cm / Sjöforsen   View
   Juhani Rosenström - 58 cm / Guordisbäcken View
   Leea Ylitalo - 58 cm / Nedre Harabacken   View
   Leea Ylitalo - 57 cm / Nedre Harabacken   View
   Jaakko Viitala - 56 cm / Sjöforsen   View
   Leea Ylitalo - 56 cm / Nedre Harabacken   View
   Leea Ylitalo - 56 cm / Övre Harabacken   View
   Tapani Mikola - 56 cm / Övre Harabacken   View
   Andreas Nilsson - 55 cm / Övre Harabacken   View
   Gunnar Lobell - 55 cm / Kraddseleforsen   View
   Jack Floberg - 55 cm / Övreforsen   View
   Juhani Rosenström - 55 cm / Nedre Harabacken   View
   Peter Andersson - 55 cm / Övre Harabacken   View
   Raymond Karlsen - 55 cm / Järnforsen   View

or just 'View' = report not processed
Picture missing
Address missing
Approved for pin

Do you miss your pin?
2021 pins are sent out during the Christmas holiday. If you did not update with your address or attached a picture in time, you will not receive any pins in your mailbox either. However, you can update with your address/picture at any time and you will be included in next year's mailing.

Pins 2018-2022

FishermanTotalGold troutSilver troutGold grayling
 Berndt Pettersson113
 Jerome Saunders72
 Tapani Mikola61
 Tobias Lundgren61
 Leea Ylitalo5  5
 Marek Stryk51
 Andreas Svensson41
 Mikael Westbom4 4
 Peter Andersson41
 Gunnar Lobell3  3
 Mikael Andreasson32
 Mikael Lindström31
 Toni Kallunki31
 Andreas Lundqvist2 2
 Daniel Blixt2  2
 Erik Nilsson21
 Filip Halvardsson2  2
 Henrik Burman21
 Jonas Johansson2  2
 Mattias Oskarsson2 2
 Pecka Lundmark2 2
 Per Ericson2  2
 Peter Žúbor21
 Roger Örnberg2 2
 Tuomas Hakala2  2
 Albin Bernholtz1  1
 Allan Wermuth1  1
 Andre Vollan11
 Andreas Nilsson1  1
 Andreas Strömgren1 1
 Björn Hedenfalk1  1
 Christer Örnberg1 1
 Daniel Edmarker1 1
 Emil Eriksson11
 Emil Lundborg1 1
 Fredrik Snickars1 1
 Fredrik Vennberg11
 Göran Ohlsson1  1
 Hans Söderström11
 Heikki Kurtti1  1
 Jaakko Viitala1  1
 Jack Floberg1  1
 Jacke Lindholm11
 Jarmo Saikkonen1  1
 Jindrich Smolik1  1
 Joakim Persson1  1
 Jonas Brickman1 1
 Juhani Rosenström1  1
 Kent Pettersson1 1
 Lars Thorsen1 1
 Leif Kindlund11
 Lennart Edling1  1
 Linus Meijer1 1
 Ludwig Westbom1 1
 Marcus Jidell1  1
 Marcus Rönnqvist11
 Markus Berglund1  1
 Mats Skålberg1  1
 Mattias Olsson1  1
 Michal Fejkiel11
 Mihai Marusciac1  1
 Mikael Nilsson1 1
 Mikael Olsson1  1
 Mikael Persson1  1
 Niklas Fogström1 1
 Niklas Harryson1  1
 Niklas Wiik1  1
 Patrik Berglund1 1
 Patrik Hedblom1 1
 Perry Palenfeldt1 1
 Pär Hemgren1 1
 Raymond Karlsen1  1
 Rikard Ellison1  1
 Robert Hansson1  1
 Robert Nagy1  1
 Roger Jansson11
 Stefan Andersson1 1
 Stefan Stebel1 1
 Sune Westberg1  1
 Tobias Andersson1  1
 Tobias Barck11
 Tobias Nilsson1 1
 Viktor Bernholtz1  1
 William Peltekis11
Total number of pins147285564