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Kraddsele SFF

The stretch is open 9 AM to 3 AM the following day.

The stretch is open 9 AM to 3 AM the following day. From September 15th, grayling can be fished according to the rules of the public permit at Övreforsen.

Gäddfiskebåt Kraddselet
The boat can be rented from June 1st.

Båt Övreforsen
The boat can be rented from July 1st.

Båt Djupsele
The boat can be rented from July 1st.

Kraddsele Allmänna
The season ticket are valid from December 1st 2022 to December 31st 2023.

Kontrollavgifter 2023

2022-12-23: Sidan håller på att uppdateras, välkommen tillbaka till våren för att se aktuella kontrollavgifter

Ammarnäs FVO

Ammarnäs Nedre
Ammarnäs Nedre will take effect on 20 August.
August 20th to September 14th: Eight cards are pre-bookable and two cards are released the day before fishing.
It is possible to book a maximum of four cards per calendar day.
2023-08-15--2023-08-25: Ammarnäs Allmänna are valid between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. to offer grayling fishermen better fishing. At other times of the day, only Ammarnäs Nedre applies.

The stretch is open 9 AM to 3 AM the following day.
During the spring, there are reserved days for the dealers. The days that are not booked on June 1st will then be released for sale.
After the end of the trout season, Sundays are open for booking and cardholders then share the route with the local population.

Båt Ottosmoraselet
You can book the boat two times per fishing season. Two days a week are locked and released at midnight the day before fishing. These days can thus not be pre-booked in the spring. When you rent the boat, you can use it from 9 AM the day you rent it until 9 AM the next day.

Ammarnäs Allmänna
The season ticket are valid from December 1st 2022 to December 31st 2023.

Ammarnäs Pimpelkort
If you do not have a season ticket or special card for residents, you can buy the Ice fishing permit between December 1st and April 30th.

Fishing ban in May
All fishing is stopped within Ammarnäs FVO in May due to the grayling spawning.

Swedish Friskvård

Sport fishing
Sport fishing is now approved for 'Friskvårdsbidrag'. You need to live in Sweden and have a swedish employer that gives the personnel friskvårdsbidrag.

Fishing permits
All our fishing permits contain the information required by the Swedish Tax Agency for your employer to be able to make deductions.

Swedish SSN
For larger sums, the Swedish Tax Agency requires that your Swedish Social Security Number (SSN) is included. You arrange this by creating a personal account here at Once you have created the account, login and go to 'My pages - Change my information', enter your social security number and click on 'Save changes'

Save all receipts from Payson and/or the reseller. Leave receipts together with your fishing permits to your employer.

News (From the front page)

Mar 15 2023: Sun & Moon
The weather page has been updated for the 2023 season with the suns rise & fall, dawn & dusk as well as the date of the next full moon

Dec 20 2022: Mandatory catch reporting 2023
As of 2023, all Ammarnässöring (big trout) must be catch reported in order for you to be allowed to continue fishing. More details about this will come in the spring

Dec 15 2022: Ammarnäs Allmänna August 15:th to 25:th
During 2023, the Ammarnäs Allmänna card is valid from 10 am to 5 pm in Vindelälven, together with Ammarnäs Nedre. This is done to prepare the grayling fishermen for good daytime fishing. After the 25th only Ammarnäs Nedre applies because then there is more daytime fishing for the large trout

Dec 01 2022: Pre-booking 2023
From January 1:st 2023 you can book your fishing for the summer here at vindelriverfishing