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Big trout

It has been reported 116 big trout 2021, 74 within Ammarnäs FVO and 42 within Kraddsele SFF

The average size is 27 inch and 8,2 pounds

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Report your big trout and help us with our work for sustainable fishing and better fishing rules

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If you catch a large grayling or trout, you will receive a pin, sent to your home, if you report the fish with a picture and update your postal address. Click on the title for more information.

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Jan 01 2022: Booking for private individuals
On January 1, the booking opens for private individuals. Three months earlier than last year :)

Dec 15 2021: News 2022
The news page is now updated with information for the 2022 season

Dec 01 2021: Pre-booking opened for retailers
From the 1st of December, it is possible to book guided tours on the special stretches at the dealers

Nov 01 2021: Pins 2021
2021 pins are sent out during the Christmas weekend.

Current booking status on different waters 2022

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